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Certifications and Achievements

- 2020 NASM Certified Personal Trainer

- 2021 AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor

- 2021 NESTA Functional Nutrition Coach

- 2020 Red Cross Certified CPR / AED

- 2011 mED Education and Leadership, Cardinal Stritch University

- 2006 Education Licensure, UW-Whitewater

- 2003 Theatre BA, UW-Milwaukee 

- 2021 OCB Natural Bodybuilding Competitor (Bikini)

- 2019 NPC Bodybuilding Competitor (Bikini)

- 2019 Wisconsin State Fair - Flex at the Fair - Ms. Wisconsin

- 5 years experience Adult Basic Education

- 8 years experience K-12 Educator

- Bilingual English & Spanish

Jessica is an avid fitness enthusiast and 2020 graduate of the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer program. For over 20 years Jessica has explored all kinds of modalities including step aerobics, Jazzercise, Zumba, yoga, bootcamp, running, cycling, resistance training and most recently, bodybuilding. She has tried almost everything and loves it all!

Jessica's core values as an instructor are based on the firm belief that exercise is for everyone and that anyone can improve their life through strength and conditioning. She is committed to working with and around client limitations and has a strong desire to help you see past your barriers. We will first focus on stabilization and core strength and build from there. You will get a great workout focusing on proper form and learn to manage lifestyle factors that can increase the efficacy of our work in the studio. You will also leave your session or class with an adequate cool down and after care strategies to mitigate delayed onset muscle soreness. 

Jessica has related experience in the field of education, having worked as a high school  & middle school Spanish teacher for 8 years and as an Adult Basic Education teacher & coordinator for 5 years. These experiences have provided incredible insight and understanding of human motivation and how to help others move past their barriers, including those with incredible limitations. Jessica holds a Masters in Education and Leadership from Cardinal Stritch University.

If you are looking for an energetic coach that can help you get your act together and develop a mindset that will allow you to incorporate an exercise routine and proper nutrition into your daily life, you should definitely give Jessica a call.  

- Empathetic motivator

- Body positive

 - Inclusive and will adapt to your needs

- Goal and results oriented coach

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