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"As a mom of 2 young children, working out is hard to fit in my schedule... Jessica changed my world! She meets you where you are in your fitness journey, encourages you every step, corrects your form during the workout and celebrates the little successes! I look forward to 6AM class with Jessica. I have had many instructors and Jessica is one of the best!"



"I made the decision to get myself to the gym, unfortunately my biggest fear was not knowing how to use the equipment and having people stare. Jess meet me at my gym and walked me through how to use machines and made me feel so comfortable! Then sent me weekly workouts and had check ins. I stayed focused and went 4 to 5 days a week and lost almost 2 inches of my waist in 9 weeks! Jess is amazing!!"



"Jess helped me recover after my Cancer fight and now we've moved forward to more advanced training. Jess is caring and knowledgeable."



"I have been training with Jessica via Zoom for the last month. It's been great. She has been doing a wonderful job working with and around the equipment that I have in my house. She's come up with personalized workouts for me to help strengthen my specific weaknesses and achieve my goals. Thanks Jess!"




"In my experience in training with Jess, I have found her to have a high degree of technical knowledge, the ability to create personalized workouts to meet individual fitness goals, and the passion to help invigorate you to be your best. I trained with Jess this summer and although I have been training for many years, I learned a lot of new moves that will help to elevate my personal level of fitness. I highly recommend leveraging Jess to help you achieve your fitness and health-related goals!"



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